Posh 5km Race Details 2017

Hello everyone

Welcome to the Posh 5km!

Here you will find the details about the event.

The race will start at 11am at Offley Place, Herts, on Sunday 10th September 2017.

It is situated between Hitchin and Luton and access via the closest main road is from the A505.


Upon reaching Offley you will come across the entrance to Offley Place, just off Kings Walden Road.


The site map for when you arrive at Offley Place is below:

road view.png

Upon arrival, just follow the prompts to find the car park and simply park up, as the race starting line and finish is in the same place.


You can simply turn up on the morning of the race and register with us to pick up your race number. Once this is done you are ready to race! This is Not a chip timed event but we will be timing people based on gun to finish line and using an app to get an accurate time for you if you wish to know and also for the official results.

If the weather is nice then registration will be outside by the start/finish. If the weather is not so kind then it will be inside the Rose View Suite, which is also the same place as the post-race glass of bubbles and canapés.

roseview suite entrance.png

rose suite inside.png

Race briefing

The race will start at 11am but about 5 minutes before the start we will give you a race briefing to go through any health and safety pointers, course route and what to look for to make sure you are on the right track (we will have cones and barrier poles and tape and signs everywhere to guide you.

Who can take part?

Only the people who have entered will officially receive a medal and be able to enjoy their nice big glass of bubbles and the canapés provided to them BUT we have had people ask if their children can run with them. This is absolutely fine but please be aware that Offley Place and Burnt Hare cannot take any responsibility for those on the course in the event of injuries or other, as the event insurance only covers those who have entered, so please be aware of this, and also that if you plan to let your child or children run with you, that they can complete the distance. Only those with race bib numbers will be recognised as official entrants!

Toilets and changing

The Rose View Suite has toilets inside the building. There are no changing facilities on site at this point so please come prepared!

The course

The course is 2 laps of 2.5km, making the grand total of 5km! it is classified as almost fully flat, with one very small climb that is not even a hill, more of little dip!

The route itself is completely off-road, using the field and grounds of Offley Place. In the event of adverse weather, please be fully aware that it may be slippery and slightly muddy at times and places, although the route is planned along grass fields and tracks fully.

Finishing the race

When you have finished, you will cross the line and find yourself being draped in a nice big shiny medal!

At this point you will be able to get yourself a bottle of water provided by us for you to enjoy.

Please be aware that we will need to wait for the final person to finish (unless it’s obvious to not delay you all based on timings and weather) so that when it comes to giving you that well deserved large glass of bubbles and canapés, we can do so all together. This also allows us to correlate results for those who made the podium.

What we will do is have the winners’ ceremony in this time frame to celebrate the victors!

We are confident that you will suitably be entertained by all the goings on around you!

Post-race refreshments

Once the winners have received their rewards and the final person has finished* we will then head over to the Rose View Suite and you will be able to collect your culinary delights.

You can either enjoy a seat inside or outside the Rose View Suite to reminisce over your recent glory. The grounds of Offley Place are very attractive so feel free to wander.

When you have finished with your glass you MUST return it to the Rose View Suite from where you collected it so that we can wash and return them. Please try your utmost best to not break them! Bins will also be provided for all rubbish too.


roseview suite 2.png


Those coming to watch you will be able to see you run at several points on the course.

The bar in the Rose View Suite will also be open so that any coffees and soft drinks and bar snacks are available to buy. The bar should be open before the start of the race too for that all important caffeine kick if you desire it!

ariel view.png

Additional information

If you are still peckish and want to enjoy lunch at the venue, Offley Place offer a delicious lunch menu. You can book in advance if you know that you would like to lunch there.

The menu link is


The main venue website is:


Here you will find a variety of options for what they offer, from weddings and conferences to afternoon tea.

Any questions?

Please email the Burnt Hare family at jakeamostri@gmail.com or doodledave@hotamil.co.uk for any questions and details that you require.

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