Hitchin Triathlon 2020 Race Instructions

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to The Hitchin Triathlon!
Firstly, we want to say a big thank you to you all for entering to what will be a great event!

Last year was the first ever one, and we have listened, taken on board the feedback and we have added in what we have been able to do.


As you all know, the event is on SUNDAY 5TH JULY 2020
The race venue is Hitchin outdoor pool, fishponds Road, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 1HA.
The site has many spaces, but you can also park on Fishponds Road and Bedford Road. If you live locally to the area, why not simply cycle to the venue! A google map link is provided below.


Upon reaching the venue, you will see that the entrance to the outdoor pool is in the middle of the long building where the car park is. This will be more obvious than explained upon arrival. We will do our best to put up a sign if possible at this point!


You can pick up your registration pack the day before from Hitchin Rugby Club. The address is Hitchin Rugby Club, Old Hale Way, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 1XL. This is a link to the rugby club so you can find it and it has maps! Park up, come inside to the main lounge, it’s not a big place so you will see us with boxes and stuff all over tables.


It will be from 3pm to 5pm. This will help you beat the rush on the day itself. If you cannot make it you can send a friend to collect, we will just need an email from you to say so, so we can make a note of it.
On the day itself, when you walk on to pool side you will see the registration table (we will have a nice sign up for you!), where you will be able to collect your race bib, timing chip, bike and helmet stickers and event T-shirt.
Registration will be open from 5:30am to 6:20am. Please ensure that you collect your race essentials from here within that time frame.

Nothing will be sent out in the post.

The race timing chips are those that go around your ankle. When you complete the race, you MUST return them upon crossing the finish line, otherwise there is a cost involved to replace them as they are not cheap. You may be charged the full amount to replace them.
Also at registration on the day, we will need to body mark you on the arm and leg with your race number. This is to make sure that we can identify you in case of any race bibs and stickers are not doing their job to identify you, especially when it comes to collecting your bike from transition after the race!

Onsite facilities pre-race:

The indoor pool entrance will NOT be open, so please make sure that you come to the outdoor pool entrance. This is the open entrance in the middle of the building in the car park  that you will see when you park. There are male and female changing rooms on site with toilet facilities too. They will be the outdoor ones so we will ask the staff to give them a good scrub! These are all part of the outdoor pool complex. There are lockers that take coins but they are not great, besides, you can safely leave things at transition as this will be guarded for you.
Trisports of Letchworth will be onsite on the main field to offer assistance if you need it. Some services may be charged for but others like the simple things may not. Please check with them if you do need something, but expect to most likely pay (unless it’s air in a tyre!) so please bring cash as it’s hard to do card machines on a field. They are a great bunch and really helpful and friendly and they really know what they are doing as they are experts in what they do and have done many events and accessories since the dawn of time.

Strive Fitness will also be there to offer some free fast-track massage for those who get to them after they finish! They are a local fitness company and have years of experience and are also great at what they do!


Once you have collected your race pack with sticker and body markings, you can then enter the transition zone to rack your bike. You will be checked to make sure that your number marked on you matches the number on your bike. The bike racks will have numbers on them for you to put your bike in a specific place.

The bike racks are located in transition, which is a grassy area just down a small slope from the outdoor pool, in its own little compound. Please arrive early enough to see where it is, where you need to put your bike, to remember where you put your bike too! Some people like to tie a ribbon or a towel draped over their handlebars, so you can quickly pick it out when you are running towards what looks like a bike catalogues dream of 2 wheeled wonders.

When you have set up your bike and race equipment, please make sure that you have kept your little area nice and tidy so you do not infringe on the space that your neighbour also needs.


This will take place on pool side at 6:20am SHARP so that we can just go through some safety features with you, to remind you about the rules of the race (also featured below). We won’t make it too long!


The first person in to the water will be at 6:30am. We appreciate this is early! But for good reason. The pool opens up to the public at 8am and so an early start is needed to secure the private hire. Another point is that the roads at this time on a Sunday morning are very quiet, and so it’s another sound reason to start early. The bright side is that you will all be home before lunch has begun to be made!
The race order is determined on your predicted swim time, so if you put down a swim time of 40 minutes (we know who you are!) then the chances are you will start the race as first swimmer! If you put down a swim time of 4 minutes, you will most likely be going last, and most likely we will be after your autograph as you are Olympic standard!


The outdoor pool is 50 meters in length. You will need to complete 8 lengths in total. Each swimmer will depart with 15 second gaps between each other. The lanes in the outdoor pool are nice and wide too, so overtaking of those who may be in front of you should be easy. Overtaking is not a problem. If you feel your foot get tapped then that means a swimmer behind you has caught you up and would like to get past you (in the event of heavy lane traffic). Please be courteous and let them pass. The rules for the swim are that you will swim on the left of the lane as you go down the lane. When you reach the end of the pool, simply touch and turn to come back the way you came, staying on the left. NO tumble turns allowed, as this is a rule employed in all pool based triathlons due to safety reasons. Upon reaching the end that you started at, you will duck under the lane rope and continue your journey in the next lane, so in effect you are “snaking” your way from one lane to the next, until you reach the steps on the far side of the pool. You are allowed to freestyle (front crawl) or breaststroke. You CANNOT do back stroke as this is the international triathlon sign that you are in trouble, and then one of the lifeguards will have to jump in and get wet, thinking you might be in trouble! We will remind you of the rules on the morning.

When you exit the water you will run towards transition which will be signed.


When you exit the water, you will head down the concrete steps and down the small grassy bank into the transition area. Here, you will collect your bike (remember where you put it!) and then head out of transition. You MUST put your helmet on first before you unrack your bike. You will then need to head out and along the path up to the road where you will mount your trusty steed and then head off into the sunrise! DO NOT mount the bike until the mounting line by the road. Marshals will be here to help you. The bike mount zone is very clear as signs will be up and a carpet laid out so you know exactly where it is.


You will go to exit transition and see 2 lanes ahead of you. One is the bike route out (the other being the run). This will be signed so that you get the right one!
The course is technically 20.2km long. We couldn’t get it any closer unless we did some silly things to make it unsafe! The course was chosen to be as flat as possible and also avoiding as many obstacles that would slow you down, like traffic lights and town folk.
You are NOT allowed to draft. This means getting too close to the bike in front and using them as your personal wind blocker, thus saving you potentially a lot of energy in the process. We WILL have marshals and a couple of cars and a couple of motorbikes to check that you are being well behaved! Please remember that this is NOT a closed road event (that would cost thousands!) and so all road laws apply. Please remember that for a few seconds lost, you stay safe, and that matter most, so if a marshal says there is traffic coming that you should be giving way to, then please listen to them. Traffic at this time of day will be very few at best but expect to still encounter some.
When you have finished the bike you need to dismount at the line and then run back into transition and rack your bike at your designated spot. This is where a bit of ribbon or your towel on the floor can be spotted quickly.


You will exit transition the same way you left with your bike. When you do, there will be a sign saying to go in that run funnel, so you are on the right track. This will make it fair for all and so that you all cover the same distance when going in and out.
Upon leaving transition you will head out on to the run. This is a 2 lap course and is mostly flat with a tiny incline when you turn left at The Vic pub corner. To start lap 2, just before the finishing funnel, you will be given an elastic band to wear, to help you remember that you are in fact, on lap 2, and that you are not finishing after one lap. It will be easy for us to spot who has miscounted. Mo Farah hasn’t entered so we know what to expect! The Race director has the ability to penalise and even disqualify anyone, but we really don’t want to so please be good, and it’s obvious from your run time if you have made a mistake!

Remember we will have arrows and signs to point you in the right funnel if you are starting lap 2 or are heading to the finish.

There will also be a water table that you can get a cup of water from when you start your run if you need it, or on lap 2, and of course at the finish. We will try to fill up a ton of them but feel free to help yourself. The water butts will be on the tables with the cups so just turn the nozzle and hydrate.


When you cross the finish line you will feel deliriously happy…… hopefully!

You will be given a medal as it’s nice to get a medal when you cross the line! Don’t forget that the race t-shirt will come with your race pack before the race so feel free to wear this for the race or wear it with pride when you train throughout the year 😉
You will need to remove your chip and give it to the marshal at the end of the funnel and put it into a bucket so we know it’s safe. Once you have done these things you can check your race split and overall times via the big screen. We can tell you where this is once we know when it is set up on the day.
When you go to collect your bike from transition you will need to clearly display your race number on your bib or body marking so that we are happy you are taking your bike out. We wouldn’t want you to take in a penny farthing and come out with something that Chris Froome would ride.


Once the final person has finished we will go straight to the awards so that we can dish out those well-earned trophies to the overall winner, the male and female podium winners and the age group winners too. If you think you may be in with a shout, please check your results and ask us or the chip time people so you know to hang around and be covered in glory!

If you have any questions in the meantime then please email us at jakeamostri@gmail.com

Ona final note, we at the Burnt Hare Events Family also do other events that you may be interested in. As you’ll appreciate the data laws have now changed, so you do want to know what else we get up to, then please email us at the email address in the paragraph above. Other events we currently do are




We also have more planned that are coming very soon, so please keep an eye out! We are on Facebook with pages so you can easily find us or you can visit www.burnthare.com